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You require a competent partner.

  • The translation and interpretation agency, Kastrati Center, belongs to a leading, European-wide interpretation network.

  • You will benefit from a holistic consulting approach with bespoke planning of your events, conferences and congresses.

Language competence

Kastrati Center disposes of experts with a high level of language competence which is useful and necessary in many professions. This competency in languages is critical in interpretation and is the prerequisite for professional and qualitative transmission of contents from one language into the appropriate target language.

  • Our interpreters are true artists when it comes to the transmission of spoken words.

  • On the One hand, they help in overcoming language barriers and on the other act as transmitters of cultural values beyond boundaries.

  • Whatever your travel destination, whatever the country of your business partners, we overcome communication problems even beyond boundaries.

  • For every language in the world, we offer qualified and experienced escort interpreting through long standing experienced native speakers.

  • Our experience in the organisation of multilingual events over more than ten years, makes us your contact person for conference and interpreting technology.

Simultaneous interpreting
With this kind of interpreting, the spoken word is simultaneously (i.e. at the same time) transmitted into the appropriate target language. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and follows up the event through headphones. The participants of the event listen to that which is said in their language through headphones. Since this kind of translation is very demanding and strenuous, the interpreters work in teams of two or three and alternate every 30 minutes.

Consecutive interpreting
With consecutive interpreting, the interpreter transmits the statements asynchronously (i.e. after the speaker has stopped speaking and he sits in the same room as the participants. He either listens to a whole discourse while making notes and later translates the summarised content of the discourse correspondingly or the speech is interrupted after three minutes and translated into the target language. Consecutive interpreting somewhat doubles the length of the event and is therefore particularly suitable for events with limited participants such as press conferences and firm presentations. The interpreters also alternate here in teams of two.

Chuchotage interpreting
With chuchotage interpreting, the speech is transmitted to the participants via whisper sets i.e. the interpreter whispers what has been said to the participant through a very sensitive microphone. Alternatively, the interpreter sits directly beside the person to whom he interprets and whispers directly into his ears. Background noises can disturb the transmission through the sensitive equipment and thus reduce the quality of transmission. This kind of interpretation is therefore suitable for a rather small group of participants.