Business English Crash Course

Language: English

Maximum number of participants: 6


  • To activate your existing knowledge of the language and improve your pronunciation skills
  • To develop your job-related foreign-language abilities by training all four skills (speaking, writing, reading and hearing)
  • To expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar

The course can be made up of the following subject areas, while the exact course contents will be clarified in the first lesson by the participants and trainer.

  • Making telephone calls
  • Correspondence / e-mails
  • Presentations (of company, products, etc.)
  • Meetings and discussions
  • Small talk
  • Accompanying business associates in the evening (e.g. in a restaurant)
  • Business negotiations
  • Cultural differences in business

Private tuition
You determine the language, time, place and duration of the training programme. You agree the targets and define the course of action together with our trainer. Our staff of trainers includes specialists from various fields – also from your field.


Fast: You can begin the lessons 24 hours after consultation

In-depth: The one-to-one principle means the training contents are tailored exactly to suit your needs.

Flexible: You determine the time, place and duration of the lessons. We go along with your wishes

Small-group teaching:
For learning the language of your choice in a group of 1 - 3 persons.

Learning together:
Learning in a small group with other participants of the same level and with common objectives.

Begin straight away:
A small group starts as soon as two participants of the same level have registered. You can also join a group that has already started a course.

Save costs:
The fee per lesson (= 60 minutes!) is EUR 25.-- per person (plus 16% VAT).